Fabricante LÍDER de soluciones de cortes automatizados
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Machitech Automation is an innovative manufacturer of custom automated cutting solutions for the steel industry. Building its reputation on complete customer satisfaction, Machitech Automation is known for its ability to adapt custom systems to their customer’s requirements. Working closely with customers and their requests allows Machitech to continue to develop and improve above and beyond the standards of the industry.

Power Source:

Hypertherm Power Max 30
Hypertherm Power Max 45
Hypertherm Power Max 65
Hypertherm Power Max 85
Hypertherm Power Max 105
Hypertherm MaxPro200
Hypertherm HPR130XD
Hypertherm HPR260XD
Hypertherm HPR400XD
Hypertherm HPR800XD
KMT Streamline Pro2, 90 000 PSI, 60HP
KMT Streamline SL-V Series, 60 000 PSI, 60HP
KMT Streamline SL-V & NEOline, 55 000 PSI, 40HP
Other KMT pumps are available

Material Support:


Nesting Software:

Hypertherm CAM Design2Fab
Hypertherm CAM NestMaster
Hypertherm CAM TurboNest
Hypertherm CAM ProNest


Beam process area
Dot pen marker
Pneumatic drilling station
Drilling station (7.5hp)
Drilling station (10hp)
Drilling station (30hp)
Dust collection system
Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed)
Full contour beveling
Full suite
Ink jet marker
Oxy-fuel torch
Oxy-fuel torch ignitor
Rotary Pipe attachment
Pneumatic scribe
Removable trays for easy clean out (waterbed)
Security system
Source caption fume extraction
Automatic tool changer
Triple oxy-fuel
True hole
12’’ clearance under gantry

Cutting Dimensions:

Standard or custom
Layout of the machine in your shop included

CNC Controller:

Machitech CNC
Edge Pro

Automatic Height Controller:

HVAC floating head (roller ball)
Machitech automatic height control
Hypertherm Arc Glide torch height control


Pipe Cutting Attachment Coming Soon!